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If you haven’t joined Jonty on his adventures yet, where better to start our first blog then with an introduction.

Jonty is a young dinosaur can’t get to sleep after a busy day. During the day he has lots of fun playing in the park with his best friend Bronty and helping his mum make pizza. When bedtime finally arrives, Jonty finds that he can’t go to sleep as there are too many distractions.

You and your child can interact with the app as you read the story together. While Jonty plays in the park, see what happens when you tap on different objects. Help Jonty make a pizza with his mum, you can choose the toppings! At bedtime you can help your child to work out what is stopping Jonty getting to sleep and fix them, allowing him to get a good night’s sleep.

We believe that when learning to read is fun, children will learn to love words and language.

Why not try before you buy with our free lite version (CLICK HERE) or upgrade to our fully interactive version (CLICK HERE) for £2.29. We hope you enjoy it and would love to hear your feedback.

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